Monday, June 07, 2004

There are no GROOM MAGAZINES for a reason.

I always hear about how all the groom has to do is just show up on the wedding day. Apparently I royally screwed this up. How did I end up on the planning committee? I'm NOT a giant pussy, I swear. Maybe I am, I don't know. What I am is out-of-work and looking for gainful employment. And she's financially challenged. And our parents aren't doing aren't doing none so great either. So since I'm currently without dough means I can't just write her a check and tell her to go to town. Instead, I have to help. You know what's helpful when you're trying to find a job? Spending the entire morning calling the City's Parks Department to find out if when you rent the lawn in front of the fountain, whether or not the parking lot is included.

How did this happen to me?

And the answer, by the way, is NO. You have to hire your own valet service.

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