Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Would you also like me to wipe your butt?

Why the hell do I have to "make arrangements" with the hotel? Can't my guests do anything for themselves? The hotel block booking arrangement says that we have to guarantee ten rooms and if we don't use all ten that we have to eat the balance. This is better than the Northwest Airline "deal" which only goes into effect (a whopping 5%) if ten people TAKE THE SAME FLIGHT. Anyway, I go to a AAA travel site and the same rooms are $20 less without having to make a quota. Businesses either despise wedding people or they drool over the prospect of a fat weekend but the word "wedding" seems to bring its own 25% surcharge wherever it goes.

We've now jumped into the "less than four months" pool. I wonder who freaks first. I hope it's not me, that would make me gayer than I already am.

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