Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So what happened?

So... I got married. Five years ago. Two children.

The wedding turned out fine.

It was a very do-it-yourself affair. Lots of people helped. I had few tasks. We got married on a baseball field and I picked the ceremony spot (left of center). I also scored some music for the violinist. I picked out some processional music that my dad had written, that added a personal touch. Gosh, I really didn't do much.

I did pick out an unobtrusive wedding ring and kept it for about four years before I lost it at a Dodger game last season. I am attracting the same amount of female attention (zero) without the ring as I did with.

My advice to soon-to-be-weds: it's about the Honeymoon. The wedding is 1 day replete with family interference and photographers and bad food. The honeymoon is just the two of you for a week or two or three. Go to someplace good. Go right after the ceremony. Spend more on the honeymoon in proportion to the wedding than you think you have a right to. You're welcome.